Election Duty 2011

Source # 1
Records of the government higher secondary schools was suspended by the Director of Education school for refusing to perform the duty of the election of the Assembly elections April 13. A press release issued by the district electoral officer Jim Sugumar, a lecturer in public high school Jeevanandham higher Karamanikuppam nearby was drafted to work, but he refused to accept it. The statement said that the Director of Education school and then commented upon.
Source # 2
MPHAL, 31 March: The Elections Commission was appointed in India, officials from the International Accounting Standard No. 12 post for the time being in the State as election observers for the general elections of the Assemblies of the States of Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Puducherry, which is due to be held this year.
And IAS 12 officers from the State, as well as at the end of the meeting, the main Khan (Labour and Empowerment), Dr. Sohail Akhtar, at the end of the meeting key. (Relief, DM) L Lakher Commissioner (Yas and Public Relations) and Director (IPR), H Imocha Singh, Commissioner (CAF and procurement / IFCD / SC and Technology) and Chairman of the Board of Directors MANIREDA, p. Jugindro Singh, at the end of the meeting. MPSC, as Chhetry, Tourism and former commissioner of the Director-office - (Armed Forces), B Sharma, Commissioner (Adult Edn, diphtheria, and the hills), S Sunderlal Commissioner (MAHUD, income), Nobert Disinang, Commissioner (CADA, Gad) and Director (Vigilance ), Thaithulung Pamei Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Manipur, and fifth at the end of the meeting, Thangzasiam own. (Coopn) and Jason Shimray Private Secretary to Governor, Raj Bhavan, Imphal.
According to the source and officers attended the special briefing session on 10 March at the Vigyan Bhavan Bhagyan, New Delhi.
Consideration of the potential gaps departments of state to the state in the absence of international standards of accountability work from 12 countries while they are outside observers of the elections, and the state government has made to simplify the accounting standards of other international officials in the State and the present time, the source added.