Mark Ballas

Seen Villa Toscano and Mark Ballas out on a date Friday in Los Angeles in connection love that seems to be a combination of the girl next door dating and meeting someone at work - with a professional wrestler as matchmaker.
In recent weeks, has been Toscano, 22, and Ballas, 24, and working on neighboring stages, shooting "American Idol" and "Dancing with the stars," respectively, with the trailers that was compatible geographically.

According to the people, and the singer "had a crush" on a professional dancer.
Toscano, of course, was the voice of "American Idol" Thursday night, then said fierce got a record deal Friday, and ending the week with a big dinner in a restaurant in Century City Gulfstream. Palace is a partnership this season with Chelsea, after Ken doll Disney high-level session on the last time dancing with Bristol Palin.
If this is the "loss", it may be exaggerated win - in spite of hopes for the release of the rush album Biya has been frustrated by the reality of the contract binding "Idol" by the contestants, she said, "The Insider" on Monday that he there is no agreement has been signed. In the meantime, the album Palace "HurtLoveBox" (see him sing, above) drops Tuesday.

What is it with professional wrestlers and this season, "Idol" cast? James Durbin lost first his mind more than the appearance of Hulk Hogan on the show singing, and now thanks to Toscano gets on a date for Chris Jericho, which is competing for the "DWTS".
According to TMZ, a friend who knows Toscano Jericho passed along the phone number the singer in New York - and really, what self-respecting man will not ask for these numbers? Palace went above and beyond, however, re-schedule the shoot music videos to make history - and this seems like this will not only be a picnic.
Gotta smile when you crush it operates. Toscano says, "The Insider" that they are "just friends", but the Z-Alliance were hugging on Friday night. Is there any other country "Idol" - "DWTS" love connections that make sense?