Fake World Cup Trophy

Given replica of the Cricket World Cup for the Indian cricket team
Not the original one media reports, see the World Cup
Image of the cup and it was decided that

He claimed a small number of media reports that the World Cup because of the Indian cricket team
Was a fake, and that he was lying with the original customs in Mumbai on the non-payment of fees.

After the ICC issued a statement as follows -
"Contrary to some media reports wrong and harmful, can not the International Criminal Court confirms that the glass is made to India in the Wankhede Stadium on Saturday was the original Cricket Cup 2011 World Cup and the one that was always intended to be presented to the winner of the event

International Criminal Court and the Board of Directors said, "The Cup, which was seized by customs in Mumbai is promotional, and the permanent trophy is still in the keeping of the International Criminal Court based in Dubai.

It bearing the logo of the International Criminal Court in companies instead of a specific logo for this event in 2011. This will be reclaimed the trophy on Monday and will travel to Dubai with the staff of the International Criminal Court as it was intended to always

The Customs Service said that the Cup was with them for non-payment of fees from 35 per cent of the original value.

"We will release it after the payment of customs duties by 35 per cent after the evaluation and said," the agency said.

It was supposed to the International Criminal Tribunal for the payment of customs duties Rs.22 lakh for the cup but they did not pay it and the cup was in the possession of the Customs Department.

In this World Cup, got a tax exemption to the International Criminal Court crore from Rs.45, made profits of more than Rs.600 crore.

Still the International Criminal Court did not pay customs fees and money saved.
In the Cricket World Cup Do you think that there is national pride?
Sorry there is no national pride in the Cricket World Cup, and the law is the law and the law must be followed.
Cricket is not our game patriotism?
Bank of Credit and Commerce, Social and duty to find out any information?
Social duty and the International Criminal Court know any information?
Hajare people like Anna and Kiran Bedi, the Kargil war heroes and war heroes and Mumbai and the national pride and not Cup cricket and Indian cricket team.
Now see the picture of the World Cup and decide for yourself which one is real Cup 2011 World Cup?