Long Island Serial Killer

Search for killer of Long Island serial and Gilbert Shannon expands today. New York investigators in the case of Long Island serial killer now focus in the region, Jones Beach State Park. April 4, and sent investigators to the Ocean Parkway, and today back to stop.

After the efforts of Captree State Park, Gilgo Beach and Cedar Beach continued to produce what is still new, he decided to Police Commissioner Richard Dormer to return to the Ocean Parkway on Monday.

So far, the death toll in the case of Long Island serial killer is eight. Almost all the victims of the killer and the small windows of prostitutes who offered their services through Craigslist. In most cases, investigators found the body of woman tossed in the brush almost knee high in the region. The bodies were of the view open, covered by seaweed model in the region.

But is there bodies in the pool? Dormer did not confirm to the local news if he was sending people, or devices to clean the pond of 40 acres within the State Park Jones Beach State.

After countless investigators suffered injuries to the skin of insects and brush, investigators will be assisted by aerial surveillance of the research efforts today.